Offering specialized 3rd-party logistics and committed e-waste management, we prioritize both your needs and our planet's well-being.

Understanding Your Needs: Our Personalized Approach

Our skills and experience help us to learn about you and your needs. We strive to understand all aspects of your business. This helps us define strategies and provide optimal support to all aspects of your business. We would love to learn about your challenges and desired future state - Active Resource has the expertise and experience to help guide, support, and deliver. We have been serving bussinesses and schools for over a decade.
School Classroom


We take all unwanted and unused equipment, alleviating the headache of determining where to recycle any and all end-of-life equipment. Our detailed audits of the equipment help justify future spending and updates to your work spaces and classrooms.
Business Cubicles


Our team can help your business by taking away the burden and hassle of disposing of excess equipment that is cluttering your environment. We handle everything from picking up old equipment, cord removal, and de-installing; and re-installing workspaces and office furniture when relocating.


We handle all types of equipment, good and bad. We do not take only the best items and leave you wondering what to do with the rest. Rest assured we will take everything and handle any recycling for you.